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Remember your childhood? Peace, harmony, nature (if you were lucky).

Ever wonder who your ancestors were? Where did they come from? How many were in their family? Where did they go when they Emigrated to the U.S.? Where were the different areas that they lived? How did they pronounce their names?

Have you ever wondered why your grandmother and grandfather treasured a faded photograph, a worn bible, or that small garden in their back yard? Have you ever wondered why the holidays spent with your mother's family are different from those of your father's side? Remembering and preserving these memories, customs and traditions all establish a family heritage. Many families have already done the research necessary to preserve their family story. Many have not. Many do not know where to begin because their family has been too geographically separated or they believe it is too late to study their pasts.

For most of us, the questions we have about our past never get beyond the level of idle curiosity. Not because we are not interested, but for the lack of time, money and skills necessary to do the research. Hopefully this website will help you understand a little more about our ancestors and at the same time help answer some of the questions that you may have been wondering about.

My research and this website all began out of curiosity when my daughter, Cherise, asked me about our ancestors and I didn't have any answers for her. I began doing some part time research and this website is the result of that research. Unfortunately, a lot of my research was destroyed with a computer crash and I have been unable to reconstruct some of my data. I have learned not to rely solely on the computer for storing my data. I am now backing up my data as well as keeping written documentation.

The information contained in this website is the product of several years of my research and is by no means complete. Since there is a 75 year privacy rule on the U.S. Federal Census Forms, it will be a few more years before we will have access to some Census forms, which means we must depend on our older living relatives as well as other means for some of our information. And unless we have been especially wise and fortunate, many of our older relatives will have left us before we have gleaned their knowledge of our family's past. Worse yet, they may have left us with few clues as to their origins.

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I would like to take this opportunity to apologize. I had added a Message Board and Guestbook to the website which gave us a way to not only get help with this website but a way to share information or if you had any comments or needed any help with your research.
Unfortunately, it didn't take long before the hackers broke into the site and overloaded the Message Board and Guestbook with junk, so I had to take down the Message Board and now the Guestbook.
More sad news: As of December 31 of this year the site will be taken down. I no longer live in an area with good access to the internet and can no longer continue to keep up the website. If anyone would like to take over the site please let me know as soon as possible. This site costs me approximately $140.00 per year. I have enjoyed doing the research, but now the time has come to pass it on to someone else.

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Patricia Marie Seay
12 May 1959 - 12 Nov 2010

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