Affidavit of Jane McMicken

Affidavit of Jane McMakin-estate of Willis McMakin
12 July 1870
Greenville County, South Carolina

Personally appeared before me Jane McMicken of the state and county aforesaid, and upon being duly sworn says, she has been the mother of seven children to wit: Sanford, Willis, Cassa ( Cassandra), Andrew (Jackson), Lorenzo Dow, William Seaborn, and Rebecca.

-That Sanford McMickens died in the state of Alabama leaving six children.

-that Willis McMickens died in Columbus, Texas, about the breaking out of the late war, without wife or child.

-that Cassa McMickens married Benjamin Ravens and is now living together with her husband in Greenville County, South Carolina.

-that Andrew McMickens is now living in Perry County, Alabama.

-that William Seaborn McMickens died in the state of Alabama, leaving wife with one child who now resides in Greenville County, South Carolina.

-that Rebecca McMickens married Jesse Campbell and is now dead, but her husband and three children are now living in the state of Texas.

She also swears that the accompanying letters marked A.B.C. were received from Willis McMickens during his lifetime.The first addressed to her from Hardin County, Illinois and dated June 5th 1848..

The second to the children-"brothers and sisters" from Columbus Texas, Aug.19th 1858.

The third, addressed to her, but enclosed to Marshall McMicken- her grandson- Dated 27th Sept. 1858.

-that the envelope which covered the two letters to her has been destroyed.

She also exhibits a likeness, which she swears to be that of her late son Willis McMickens and places it in the hands of her representative, R.L. Bowden, to be Disposed of in any way that he may think proper to identify Willis McMickens late of Columbus, Texas as her son.

Sworn to and subscribed before me.
July 12th 1870
Jane McMicken
Her mark

Elijah Dill
Trial (?) Austen
Spartenburg SC.