Charlie Reese Beard


Biography of

Charlie Reese Beard


Father Samuel Easton Beard
Mother Mary Eugenia Collins
Born 3 Jun 1897 Madison County, GA
Died 13 Jan 1970 Franklin County, GA
Married Versie Adeline Sexton 4 Dec 1921

Charlie Reese Beard served as a buck private in World War I. I am still researching him.


Children Born
Katherine Beard 4 Dec 1922 Madison County, GA
Alma Jean Beard 9 Jul 1924 Madison County, GA
O.B. Beard 7 Dec 1925 Madison County, GA
Oscar Clayton Beard 14 Nov 1929 Madison County, GA
Marvin Jackson Beard 3 Jun 1933 Madison County, GA
Samuel Easton Beard

Sam on left with son Charlie Reese on right

Points of Interest

Charlie Reese Beard's Draft Card

Charlie Reese Beard in WWI