Earley Washington Seay


Biography of

Earley Washington Seay


Father William M. Seay
Mother Malissa Jane Aaron
Born 28 Dec 1894 Bushville District, Banks County, GA
Died 14 Oct 1968 Athens, Clarke County, GA
Married Lois Luellen Wade 10 Oct 1915 Madison County, GA

Earley Washington Seay was born in Banks County, GA in 1894. He grew up in the Bushville District of Banks County with the exception of a brief stay in Wilcox County. 


Children Born
Stillborn unnamed girl Seay 1916 Banks County, GA
Leatus Crawford Seay 3 Nov 1916 Banks County, GA
James Lamar Seay 15 Aug 1917 Commerce, Jackson County, GA
Marvin Buford Seay 4 Jul 1920 Banks County, GA
Lydia Elizabeth Seay 11 Apr 1922 Banks County, GA
Howell Bryson Seay 17 May 1924 Banks County, GA
Clinton Wade Seay 5 Nov 1927 Banks County, GA
Paul Earley Seay 9 Jun 1928 Banks County, GA
Katie May Seay 27 Aug 1932 Banks County, GA
Nettie Sue Seay 15 Jan 1934 Banks County, GA
Earley Washington Seay age 11

Points of Interest

Earley Washington Seay is buried in the Beaverdam Cemetery in Banks County, GA. alongside his wife Lois Louellen Wade Seay.

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