James Lamar Seay


Biography of

James Lamar Seay


Father Earley Washington Seay
Mother Lois Louellen Wade
Born 15 Aug 1918 Bushville District, Banks County, GA
Died 26 Dec 1994 VA Hospital, Atlanta, GA
Married Alma Jean Beard 7 Mar 1943 Danielsville, Madison County, GA

James Lamar Seay was born in Banks County, GA in 1918. He grew up in Banks County and Madison County. He served 4 years in the U.S. Army's Third Army in Europe under General George Patton during WWII.  


Children Born
Margaret Louise Seay 20 Sep 1946 Madison County, GA
Marvin Lamar Seay 20 Sep 1946 Madison County, GA
Sarah Nell Seay 29 Oct 1947 Commerce, Jackson County, GA
Betty Jean Seay Jun 1949 Madison County, GA
Charles Edward Seay 1 Mar 1951 Jefferson, Jackson County, GA
Carol Sue Seay 27 Dec 1952 GA
Sherrell Annette Seay 22 Sep 1963 Royston, Franklin County, GA
James Seay

Points of Interest

James L. Seay 7 Mar 1943

James Lamar Seay is buried in the Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery in Madison County, GA. beside his wife, Alma Jean Beard Seay.

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