James M. Seay


Biography of

James M. Seay


Father I believe his father was David Say
Mother Unknown at this time
Born 1815 South Carolina
Died 1856 Lumpkin County, GA
Married Meille Gemima Evans 1 May 1839 Hall County, GA

James M. Seay was born in South Carolina in 1815. It isn't known at this time what part of SC that he was born or for sure who his father and mother were.  


Children Born
Nancy Mahalla Seay 16 Jul 1840 Hall County, GA
Louisa Catherine Seay 8 Nov 1841 Hall County, GA
John Calvin Seay 29 Dec 1843 Hall County, GA
William Dempsey Seay 29 Dec 1843 Hall County, GA
Andrew Jackson Seay 4 Jul 1846 Hall County, GA
Martha Ann Seay 18 Apr 1849 Hall County, GA

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