Samuel F. Beard


Biography of

Samuel F. Beard


Father John Beard, Jr.
Mother So far all I know is that she was born in Pennsylvania
Born 26 Sep 1801 Abbeville District, SC
Died 4 Aug 1880 Madison County, GA
Married Elizabeth B. "Betsy" McEver 14 Mar 1822

Sam served in Milner's Company, Georgia Infantry, Madison County Home Guard where he held the rank of Corporal during the Civil War. 


Children Born
Prudence "Prudie" Elizabeth Beard 30 Nov 1822 Madison County, GA
Catherine Beard 1824 Madison County, GA
Amanda E. Beard 26 Jan 1827 Madison County, GA
John R. Beard 1830 Madison County, GA
Martha Autney Beard 23 Oct 1833 Madison County, GA
William Watson Beard 23 Aug 1835 Madison County, GA
Samuel F. Beard

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Points of Interest

On 6 Jan 1855 Sam was elected Constable in and for the 438th Company District, Georgia Militia in Madison County.

Sam is buried at Jones Chapel Methodist Church Route 3, Danielsville, GA.