Henry County, Georgia History


Hon. Patrick Henry was born in Hanover County, Virginia, May 29, 1736. By a resolution which he offered in the House of Burgesses, in reference to the Stamp act, he commenced opposition to the British Government. He was one of the five selected by Congress in 1776, to prepare the Declaration of Independence. He was supposed to be a man of very ordinary talents, till he distinguished himself, and surprised every one, by his celebrated speech, celled the "Parson's Speech." He was Governor of Virginia. He died on the 6th June, 1799.

Ref: Sherwood, Adiel, A GAZETTEER OF THE STATE OF GEORGIA, 1837, Printed by P. Force, Washington City, p.286.


Boundaries defined by the Act of 1821; a part added to, and a part taken from, Walton, 1821, and parts to Newton, to Fayette, 1821, and a part to Butts, 1825. Named after Patrick Henry, of Virginia.

A few cases of longevity, John Smith, near 100; Jas. Daniel, 80; John Treadwell, 80; Jacob Coker, 80; Richard Card, 80; John Oslin, 80; E. Cloud, 92; Mr. Cuncle, 82, John Wyatt, 91.

Among the early settlers were, William Hardin, Jesse Johnson, James Sellers, H. J. Williams, Wm. Pate, D. Johnson, W. H. Turner, M. Brooks, S. Weems, Woodson Herbert, James Armstrong, Robert Beard, James Patillo, Josiah McCully, Roland Brown, R. M. Sims, Wm. Crawford, E. Moseley, John Brooks, who built the first mill, Reuben Dearing, Jacob Hinton, E. brooks, John Calloway, B. Jenks, Wm. Jenks, Col. S. Strickland, Parker Eason, Joseph Kirk, Wm. And John Griffin, Daniel Smith, H.

Ref: White, Rev. George, M. A., HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF GEORGIA, 1854, Pudney & Russell, Publishers, New York, pp. 495-496. (Reprinted 1968, Heritage Papers, Danielsville, GA)

Note: Adiel Sherwood, A GAZETTEER OF THE STATE OF GEORGIA, Washington City, Printed by P. Force, 1837, pp. 255-256. APPENDIX: BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES
"The author conceived that a short biographical sketch of the individuals after whom the several counties were named, would furnish an instructive and pleasing appendage to his topographical work... Acquainted with the intimate friends of some of the 'venerable dead,' he has been furnished with sufficient materials to enlarge on their character... There are in the State ninety counties (book printed in 1837, presently in 2001, there are 159 counties)..."