Information, Stories and Poems

The War Inevitable --Patrick Henry (1736-1799),"The War Inevitable" speech to the Virginia Convention, March 23, 1775

Civil War Camps by Mark Weber

Civil War Poem by Charles Dawson Shanly

Confederate Soldier's Prayer by Author Unknown

Confederate Dead by A Lady in Augusta, GA

Our Dead by Morton Bryan Wharton, DD (A Private in General Lee’s Army)

I Am Their Flag by Michael R. Bradley

Our Battle Flag by H. L. Blanchard (Pensacola, FL) Confederate Veteran (1893)

Jewish Prayer for the Confederacy by Rev. Max Michelbacher

Life In A Civil War Camp

Little Giffen By Francis Orray Ticknor (1822 - 1874)

Stonewall Jackson's Way A Poem by John Williamson Palmer (1825-1906)

Robert E. Lee's Obituary Richmond Daily Dispatch October 1870

General Jackson's Funeral Richmond Daily Dispatch Wednesday 13 May 1863

Indian Territory 1861 to 1865 Confederate Veteran, Vol. IV, No. 3, Nashville, Tenn., March, 1896.