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In the 1830 Hall County, GA Census, there is a David Say (whom I believe to be our James M.'s father)that is between 60 and 70 that has two sons that would be the right age for James M. Seay. This is the only Census form that I have been able to find with David listed. And at this time I have been unable to find any other records of David Say. James M., along with his wife and daughter, shows up for the first time in the 1840 Hall County Census along with A.C., James Jr., James Sr., John, Martin, and Ransom. Of these, James Sr. is the only one that is old enough to be James M.'s father, but why would he name two sons James, one son James Jr. and another James M.? In 1840, with the exception of James J. Seay, all the Spartanburg, S.C. Seay's from the 1830 Census are still in Spartanburg, S.C. The James Sr. in Hall County, in 1840 is the right age to be James J. of Spartanburg and he had a son the right age for James Jr. but no son the right age to be our James M. And so the search continues...

On The Beard Side of Our Family

I have been able to trace back to whom I will call John Beard Senior that was born in County Derry Ireland in 1730. He and his family Emigrated to the U.S. in 1771 and settled in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. For reasons unknown at this time, John Beard Junior moved to Augusta County, Virginia in 1773 and the rest of the family moved there in 1780. In 1789 John Junior then moved to Abbeville District, S.C. and Robert and the rest of the family moved there in 1795. Around 1800 they had all moved to Elbert County, Ga. According to the 1815 Elbert County Land Tax Records, John Beard (Sr?)and 16 others were living in one house. Could you imagine having the entire family (sons, daughters, and their wives and husbands, and their sons and daughters) all living in the same small house? By the 1820 Federal Census they had split and gone different ways. John and his family to Madison County and Robert and his family to Henry County.

There is a lot of speculation as to the real father of Samuel F. Beard (my GGGGrandfather). The speculation comes mainly because Robert sells a Samuel Beard some land in Henry County in 1822 which that Samuel then sells to Robert B. and William W. Beard (known sons of Robert) in 1825. That Samuel also sells 67 1/2 acres of land in Henry County in 1843. Some say that Robert Beard is our Samuel F. Beards father, but, I believe that his father was John Beard, Jr.. John Jr. and Robert both had the same number of sons that were all approximately the same ages. When Robert left Elbert County, he moved to Henry County, Ga., where he died in Nov 1836, and John Jr. had moved to Madison County, GA. John Jr. is listed in the Mill District of Madison County, Ga. in the 1820 and 1830 Federal Census Forms. And although he isn't listed in the 1840 Census for some reason, he is listed in the 1840 Madison County Tax Records as living in the Nowhere District and his letter that he swore to on 16 November 1842 before Justice James Long, of Madison County, in support for Sarah to draw Robert's pension states that he is still a resident of Madison County,GA. In the 1880 Census Samuel stated that his father was born in Ireland and his mother was born in Pennsylvania. Robert's wife was born in Virginia. John's sons stayed in the Madison County area and Robert's sons stayed in the Henry County area which further justifies my conclusion that John Jr. was Samuel's father. At the same time that our Samuel F. Beard was living in Madison County, there was a Samuel Beard living in Henry County during the time of the land contracts with Robert, Robert B. and William W. He could have been John Jr. and Robert's brother but I have no way of proving that yet.

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