A letter dated 22 May 1870

Support for her identification as a McMakin is a letter dated 22 May 1870 from A.J. McMickin of Perry Co. AL to Rebecca's child "Cosin" Anderson Brown:

"It has been some time since last I heard from you. You wrote to me in Pontotoc Miss in Sixty One. Well there has bin considerable times since then. The fare of things has considerably changed. We are all well hoping this may find you and your Mother both well. I have written to Mother this day. She was well a short time ago. She is in her 86 year since the 24 day of January last past. I was in there in the Spring of 63, they were all well. Aunt Mary has died since that time her two daughters were married and living there, Eliza and Minerva. Mother would be very glad to hear from Aunt Rebecca, let me hear from you as soon as convenient. I left Miss to save my negroes but they went hye as a kite. I had 20 that I had workd out, four men & four women grown, four half grown, the balance from that down to Suckling Babes. Let me know the prise of Bacon & corn & corn & what it can be purchased at. Corn is worth $150 per bushel. Bacon 16 to 22 cents. Its very dry here and has bin all the latter part of the Spring. I have 5 children, 2 daughters and Sons, the Bab is 8 months old.