William Watson Beard

By Charlotte Bond

Bill fought in many battles mostly in Va. His war records state that he was seriously wounded in the head on December 12, 1862 near Fredericksburg, Virginia. He was in McLaws Division, Co. D, 16th Regiment, Georgia. He returned to duty December 28, 1862. He was reported in the hospital Muster Roll at Scottsville, Virginia in January, February, April and June of 1863. He was reported absent without leave September 1,1864. I wonder if that is when he came home to protect his family?

That was the last record the war department had on Bill & I always wondered if he had deserted and never went back. Just this year I have acquired Elmira's Pension Records and they put my mind to ease. Three witnesses that served with Bill told that Bill had been sent home on medical leave by the hospital surgeon. One of the witnesses, W.H. Bond stated that he had been home on furlough & knew that Bill was home on a medical furlough & when Bill got better they both started back to their command, but only got as far as Augusta, Ga. when the surrender happened.

After the war Bill's family grew as nine more children were born. Bill had a wry sense of humor and once someone asked him why he named his girls such unusual names. He said he named them all after his favorite officer in the war. Puzzled, the man asked him the officer's name. Bill laughed and answered "Suh" [Sir]. The girls names were Serepta, Samantha, Savilla, Sahepsebeth, & Savannah. They all sounded the phonics "Suh".

Bill never fully recovered from his head injury. He died at age 47 due to spinal meningitis.

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